Dickson Financial Services - Service Charter


Our Service Culture

Our mission is to provide our clients with professional services that have been appropriately researched and recommended as suitable solutions or products to meet the demands and needs of the client and their circumstances.

We will endeavour to employ staff at all levels that are appropriately trained, qualified, and consistently act in a fair and professional manner.

All communications with all of our stakeholders, from clients and prospective clients to product and scheme providers, must reflect these intentions. We believe that transparency and trust are keystones to a sustainable business and long standing professional relationships.

Our Service Charters

Our client Service Charters set out the standard of service we aim to provide our clients and are structured to suit our client’s demands and needs

By establishing Service Charters with our clients:

  • We aim to carry out our work fairly, promptly and efficiently
  • We aim to keep you informed on all issues/services which impact your schemes
  • We aim to 'get it right first time, on time, every time'.

    Services that are frequently included in our Service Charters are:

  • Product and/or Scheme Set Up
  • Regular and/or Periodic, Product and/or Scheme Reviews
  • Procedures, Processes and Time-scales
  • Timing of client and/or member meetings
  • Fees and/or Charges structure - including disclosure
  • Claims Processes
  • Complaint Processes

    Please also refer to our Treating Customers Fairly Statement