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Corporate Services

Company Directors face ever increasing responsibilities for the protection of their businesses and the people who work within them. Using corporate financial products can help relieve this responsibility.

Pension Provision is frequently recommended for Directors and Executives (e.g. Small Self Administered Schemes), Sole Trader Businesses (e.g. Self Invested Pension Plans) and Directors and Employees (e.g. Group Personal Pensions).

Business Protection solutions such as Keyman policies provide protection for the economic consequences that can result from either the death or illness of a business-critical individual. Level or Renewable Term Assurance would be considered alongside Critical Illness cover and a range of related policies.

Risks covered, or at the very least mitigated, might include loss of profits, problematic loan repayments, loss of investments, recruitment costs, as well as additional borrowing, share purchase and loss of control of the business (Shareholder/Partner).