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The Company - Driving outcomes that count

At Dickson Financial Services we aim to ensure that our clients benefit from superior advice. Our team has the highest technical and management abilities. These attributes are necessary in order to comply with the demands of an increasingly regulatory environment and to possess the skills required, in order to construct simple solutions from the complex world of advanced financial planning.

We pride ourselves on our thorough, comprehensive, and innovative service and delivery. Our advisers are a tightly knit team with experience spanning traditional and emerging financial products. As IFAs we have expertise which spans a wide spectrum of financial services from Private Medical Insurance, Income Protection plans, Group Life, Group Personal Pensions, Personal Pensions, and VCT schemes, through to advice on accrued benefits under occupational pension schemes.

Today, the world of traditional financial services is rapidly evolving. Stakeholder products, the introduction of "lifetime allowances" on pension funds and other aspects of pension simplification legislation;, relaxation of annuity options, increased flexibility in employee benefit packages; and not least the volatility in world stock markets . These are just some of the turbulent and high velocity changes driving the industry.

Independent advice, not limited principal distribution, is a pre-requisite for reaching the informed decisions necessary in order to establish and maintain complex investment and protection plans.

Dickson has the culture, organisation and processes to fulfil the needs of the most demanding of clients.

Dickson, an Independent Financial Adviser, has a philosophy of building long term, consultatative and pro-active relationships with clients. We provide an innovative, high-quality, service which is designed to meets our clients’ precise needs. We offer a fresh, piercingly honest, unbiased, objective viewpoint, believing that today’s clients need concise, authoritative advice and not imposed solutions. We will not make decisions for you, and we will not pressurise you to make unwelcome decisions.

Whether for an organisation or individual, in order to construct a financial plan, we:

1 Conduct a searching review of our client’s present circumstances

2 Identify financial and corporate/personal objectives

3 Construct creative solutions to problems however complex

4 Establish, agree, and implement plans in an attractive and accessible way

.......driving outcomes that count -

Dickson Financial Services specialises in the provision of progressive, crafted financial solutions for a wide range of companies and individuals.